Course content

Attendees can acquire a global vision about Participatory Health Informatics through the initiatives developed by companies, government and universities, and the experience of industry leaders.
Points of interest among others:
• Patient empowerment
• Gamification
• Patient-centred design
• Health and Social Media
• Exposome and Participatory Health
Also sessions that help attendees to acquire skills related to entrepreneurship, the creation of videos, or even techniques to make effective communication, are included.


What is Hack4Health?

Hack4Health is an event organised at the Computer Engineering School of the University of Seville within the I International Workshop on Participatory Health Informatics. Ph. D. students will form working groups to provide innovative technological solutions to address proposed challenges.

Hack4Health Schedule

The challenges will be proposed by people living with chronic conditions participating in the initial session (6th June). Three people with different chronic conditions will talk about their life experience. A special interest will be paid in barriers and unmet needs to follow a healthy lifestyle, especially to be physically active.

The second session will take place on 6th June after lunch. Students, working in groups (4 students per group), must identify the relevant challenges raised during the initial session and devise a technological solution to solve the problems. They must design a low fidelity prototype and make a presentation for the last session.

The last session will be carried out on 8th June. A multidisciplinary committee will assess the proposed technological solutions. This committee will be composed of people with chronic conditions, healthcare professionals, and engineers. Each group will present, for a maximum in 10 minutes, the addressed problem, the challenges that they have identified, and overall, their proposed solutions. Committee members will be able to ask questions to each group after the presentation. Each committee member will assign a score to each proposed solutions. Finally, the best solution will be awarded with an accrediting diploma.

What is a challenge?

A challenge is whichever people’s barrier or unmet need requiring an innovative technical solution. Hackers will participate forming working group to address the selected challenge.

How participate?

If you are interested into participate in the hack4health, firstly, you must create a team. Then, you have to fill in a form available in the registration area. The team members have to present their proposal (maximum 10 minutes) during the friday session. In the presentation, they have to include, at least, the following aspects:

  • The problem. Target group and needs, barriers, etc. that have been addressed.
  • Motivation. Personal motivation to address that problem.
  • A conceptualization of the proposed innovative technological solution.
  • Design. A low fidelity prototype of the proposed solution.
  • Use case. Explaining how a patient could use the proposed solution in his/her daily life and the benefits of use it.
  • Justification of technical viability.
  • Detailed budget required to develop a fully functional prototype to be tested with patients.

Evaluation criteria

  • Adaptation to the patients’ needs
  • Perceived utility
  • Potential benefits of its use
  • Technical viability
  • Originality and innovation
  • Quality of the presentation