International Workshop

From the 4th to the 8th of June, Seville will host the first edition of the International Workshop on Participatory Health Informatics, aimed especially at doctoral students or students with a Master’s degree.

Organized by the Computer Engineering School from the University of Seville and Salumedia Tecnologías, and with the support of the Oncoavanze medical center and the European research projects CATCH, CHESS and ENJECT, this first International Workshop will be a place for working, networking and learning in a new line of technological research in health called Participatory Health Informatics.

The workshop program has been designed based on this, with presentations and work sessions that will offer an approach to this context, showing the perspective of international experts who are currently working on this subject.

Along with interesting keynotes, we will run a Hackathon where patients will participate telling their experiences and posing challenges, and those attending in groupwork should try to respond. In this way, all are involved in the search for technological solutions while maintaining a user-centred design approach.

The I International Workshop is a great opportunity to expand knowledge, exchange experiences and establish new contacts for future.

We wait for you in Seville!