Manuel Lopez

He is the Director of Health Management and Market Access Manager, responsible for key accounts and strategic business lines. Health Consultant with more than 15 years of experience specialized in transformation of digital ecosystems, change processes and improvements in healthcare systems. Leading the strategic definition of ICT in Health Systems. Closely related to the field of innovation, the modernization of public health networks, digital strategies and interoperability platforms, reengineering and design of clinical processes, data analysis and development of KPIs; development and implementation of Telemedicine and m-Health projects, Electronic Clinical History, R&D&i.

In recent years he has been in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, promoting the strategy of digital transformation and carrying out innovative projects, business development, strategy and access plans in medical devices and real information systems world data & big data, medicine and personalized attention.

He has also been director and teacher of the leadership course for directors of Primary Care in the School of Health Sciences of Extremadura.